Arya P.G. College, Panipat

Rules and Regulations

  1. Maintenance of silence in library is the moral responsibility of everyone.
  2. Any type of tempering with books, magazine and Newspaper of library is a punishable act.
  3. Every student holds the responsibility of security/purity of library issued book.At the time of issue any discrepancy in book be brought into the notice of librarian.
  4. The student has to bear the responsibility of depositing the price of book or any other material along with fine in case of it is lost or damaged by him/her.
  5. The student has to pay ₹ 1 everyday as fine for late return of book in the library.
  6. A written complaint to librarian is essential in case a student lost his/her library card & also he/she takes the responsibility of misuse of the lost card.
  7. Reading of newspaper,magazine and other related material is allowed only in the library.
  8. Deposition of Identity Card in library before the issue of Roll No. of University Exam is compulsory.
  9. During examinations the students can retain the books only after depositing the prescribed security deposit which is refundable when the books are returned.Those students who do not return the book by 30th june will be fined ₹ 1 everyday.

Refund of College Library Security and other securities :

  1. If a student leaves the college with the permission or after completion of the session then he/she will get the refund of the security, only if he/she submits the refund application between 1st Oct. to 31 December in next session along with no dues certificate.
  2. Security will be refunded by Account Payee Cheque through registered post only, at the residential address given in the admission form.
  3. Security not claimed during this period will not be refundable.
  4. Security will be refunded only after the return of original receipt issued at the time of admission.
  5. A student leaving the college without permission of the Principal will not have the right to get the refund of security.